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Enduro World Championship in Vale de Cambra

Welcome to Vale de Cambra. This will be the Portuguese stage for the MAXXIS FIM Enduro World Championship, the GP Polisport of Portugal, organized by the Sport Clube de Cambra in the next days 9|10 April, 2011.

07-03-2011 (actualização: 30-01-2013)

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EWC 2011 - Cartaz promotor

It is with great satisfaction and pride that we welcome, for the second time ,the World Enduro in Vale de Cambra. After the failure for organiziton held in Figueira da Foz, we decided to embrace this challenge, despite the short time available to organize the event.

We are aware of the the work that we will have to assemble the event in so little time,  so we hope to have all possible help and we welcome all the people who want to join us to successfully port this challenge.

The central operations will be held in the City of Vale de Cambra, where the Paddock, Parc Ferme and Secretariat will be located.

The course will use areas of the 2010’s National Championship race, areas already used in other tests, World Cup 2008 and also some new tracks. The pilots will find a track typical of the region with three laps of about 60km each and two Time Controls.

The special Enduro Test will be held in the same place of 2008 with some amendments, Cross Test will be a new venue  next to the Enduro Test and Extreme Test will be in Algeriz near the Heliport, which already held some events from the National Championship.

After several years of organizing Enduro National Championship events and the World Championship in 2008, we assume that this event represents a great challenge for our club for the Town Hall and throughout the county, in which we are fully committed to achieving full success.

Welcome to Portugal and Vale de Cambra!

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